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Organic pumpkin seeds

Organic pumpkin seeds

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This is the best thing we have in stock ! essential amino acids for humans and in the container protect meat from over-saturation and only soybeans are available. There are also errors regarding trace elements, chlorophyll and nutrients. Doctors rate yoga as the number 1 product for men's health. Powerful anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic effect.  

The important thing is that the benefits of this place are too underestimated, because it is expensive and there is little information about it.

It is very important that the pumpkin seeds are fresh, that is, from the last harvest, not rancid, without broken seeds, and not wet. Then it is stored for a long time and brings benefits to the body. We also collect for you the best that is available on the Ukrainian market.

And it is also important to store it correctly, otherwise useful fats quickly oxidize and it will no longer be a healthy story. Store carefully in a hermetically sealed package that does not allow light, oxygen and moisture to pass through. Therefore, please do not buy us in transparent packaging or in plain sight at all - it is not about quality and you do not know how long it has been stored like that. We really appreciate the zero-waste story, namely products with a high fat content, such as filling and combustible, which must be without proper packaging and defatting.

We carefully develop products containing products and buy them on the inside of the package, and also weigh them in a disassembled form, as a result of which the oxidation of fatty acids occurs. A manufacturer that cares about quality and YOUR HEALTH packs in an opaque hermetically sealed package that does not let in light, oxygen, or moisture. In this way, you can also save.

By the way, if you see a lot of broken stuff, it always sells cheap. Because with damage to the shell, the fats begin to oxidize quickly, and so the seed spoils quickly, and everyone tries to get rid of it quickly or already sells it rancid. The producer usually separates whole and damaged seeds. So, the fraction, because of much increased consumption, is also put on sale at cheap prices. Choose for you. And now you can compare prices with quality.

We produce a large number of ingredients, both used and ourselves for the production of our products. And it is important for us that it is tasty, healthy, and does not spoil quickly.

Whether it is a raw substance, it is recommended to freeze it for 12 years, to neutralize phytic acids, and also to block the replacement of microelements in case of injuries. With sprouted pumpkin drinks, some of its varieties can be bitter. Therefore, for a better taste, it does not bring the ego to germination when mulching.

We wish you to taste the same kind of lover and respect for this product of life that we feel ourselves.

Calorie content up to 100 g: Proteins - 25 g, Fats - 46 g, Carbohydrates - 5 g, Fiber - 3.9 g, Calorie content - 556 kcal.

Chemical composition: more than 50 types of biological brown acids, increased protein (12 types of amino acids), trace elements phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper and potassium, vitamins of groups B, E, K, carotenes, folic acid, Omega-3-6-9.

Vitamins: all group B (folate - 57.5 μg; pyridoxine - 0.23 mg; pantothenic acid - 0.35 mg; riboflavin - 0.32 mg; thiamin - 0.2 mg); A-228 mg ; C - 1.9 mg ; E - 10.9 mg (72.7% of daily value); K - 51.4 mg (42.8%); PP - 1.7 mg .

Micro-macroelements: selenium - 5.6 μg; manganese - 3.01 (151%); copper - 1.39 μg; zinc - 7.45 (62.1%); iron - 14.96 (83.1%); phosphorus - 1174 μg (147%); potassium - 807 μg (32.3%); sodium - 18 μg ; magnesium - 535 μg (134%); calcium - 43 μg .

***Disclaimer: The circulation of products detected for reliability may be revealed and partially unrelated to the actual pollution and its impact on various reasons. Please write to us or call us for the given information, we will be happy to help.

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