Collection: Organic dried fruit and berries

We meticulously select dried fruits, berries, and vegetables cultivated without the use of pesticides, agrochemicals, or GMOs. Our products are dried naturally without the addition of any ingredients. Every batch undergoes thorough scrutiny, ensuring the presence of relevant certifications and assessing the product's taste profile. We conduct extensive tests and personally visit enterprises and farms to evaluate their practices. In certain cases, we even commission organic farmers to grow produce exclusively for us. As specialists in our field, we possess an intricate understanding of the nuances that contribute to making food both delicious and nutritionally beneficial. Consequently, we choose only the finest products for your enjoyment.

Our collaboration is limited to farmers and producers who share a genuine passion for their craft and demonstrate utmost respect for each product, diligently adhering to the rigorous standards of organic certification. Often, these individuals are artisanal farmers who conduct the drying process on-site, right next to the fields. This meticulous approach ensures that the fruits reach optimal maturity, as transporting them would risk spoilage. Therefore, our dried fruits deliver a heightened natural indulgence, devoid of any need for sugar syrup or citric acid additives prior to drying.

The packaging we employ is hermetically sealed and boasts exceptional barrier properties, safeguarding the product against moisture, oxygen, and light. Consequently, our carefully packaged items retain their pristine quality throughout the entire year."