Only high-quality GUT FRIENDLY healthy products with a balanced composition and pure ingredients from certified suppliers.

Our products do not burden digestion, but on the contrary, help it. It is so rich in nutrients that it is very difficult to overeat it - and this is the key to lightness and excellent shape.

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Запрошуємо відвідати наші івенти

Об'єднуємо людей зі схожими цінностіями, ділимося корисними знаннями, знайомимося з новими цікавими людьми, ідеями, продуктами.

  • OUR VALUES AND Aspirations

    • Creation of products that are truly useful for health, using an innovative approach and non-standard thinking.

    • Choice in favor of products of uncompromisingly high quality, support of the organic market.

    • Continuous development and improvement of environmental friendliness of production, packaging and transportation.

    • Conscious business management.

    • Supporting the role of a woman entrepreneur and promoting positive changes in society.

    • Influence on the development and formation of the healthy food market.

    • Interaction at all levels with all its participants.


    Ideologist, founder and head of Healthy Tradition

    I understand that it is not always possible for people who work actively to be always in good shape, in good shape and to eat healthy. And you still need to know so much in order not to make a mistake in your choice.


    Therefore, the search for truly high-quality and healthy products and their preparation takes precious time.


    Healthy Tradition products are a ready-made solution for you. The unique thing is that we really understand the benefits of the product at all levels and are perfectionists in this. So it should make your search easier and leave more time for what you are strong in, where you can see.


    Our products do not burden digestion, but on the contrary, help it. It is so rich in nutrients that it is very difficult to overeat it - and this is the key to lightness and excellent shape :)


    And we are also happy that we can pass on our knowledge and take care of you through our product. And we really appreciate your trust and feedback.


    Once I started looking for knowledge in the field of healthy longevity, I wanted so much to realize everything in this life.


    At that time, I understood that what we eat is one of the key components of this issue and, probably, it was not by chance that I had the opportunity to invest and create a healthy food brand with my own production.


    Having thoroughly understood the technologies of all production processes from cultivation, processing and storage to packaging of products, I realized how different their quality is and how difficult it is to make a choice for those who do not have this knowledge. After all, dietary recommendations will not solve the health issue 100% if you eat a low-quality, dangerous, nutrient-poor product.


    The Healthy Tradition experience has given me many answers to my questions about healthy longevity. And now, through our activities, I can convey all this to you. Thank you for appreciating what we do!


    Ideologist and developer of Healthy Tradition products

    My sister and I personally faced serious health challenges for ourselves and our loved ones. Special requirements for food, transition to light natural nutrition, rejection of products of animal origin, products containing chemicals, gluten, stimulating substances, also developed due to internal transformations with a parallel in-depth study of how the body works at the level of biochemical processes.


    Our way is self-knowledge, creativity and harmony at all levels. We truly believe that medicine should not become our food, our everyday food should become our medicine. We learned how nutrition and the way of thinking are connected and affect a person's holistic, physical and spiritual health. As a result, we learned to choose the best for ourselves. And also to create those products that help us heal ourselves and others.


    We are constantly in search of new solutions and also expand our horizons in many directions that help to answer the question of Health and Balance of each person.

    All our products are made from natural pure ingredients of premium quality, mostly organic.

    We have developed GUT FRIENDLY, i.e. friendly to the stomach and yoga of healthy microflora products, which are suitable for everyone and personally for people who had or have complications with the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract). All our products, and even bread, thanks to innovative technologies, help with digestion, facilitate the work of the body as a whole, and improve its efficiency.

    • Without sugar, sweeteners and preservatives.

    • With a high content of vitamins and minerals.

    • Rich in fiber.

    • Gluten free.

    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    • Suitable for athletes.

    • Our protein breads and loaves are suitable for the KETO, low-carbohydrate diet.

    • Contains a small amount of salt (only in bread and rolls).

    • Improves the functioning of the body and gastrointestinal tract, prolongs life.

    • Has a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

    • Our drinks do not contain caffeine (except for a small amount in CHOCOLATE LATTE) and stimulate the gallbladder.

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