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Gluten-free bread "Hemp", 250g

Gluten-free bread "Hemp", 250g

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WARNING! Please take the Nova Poshta parcel to the branch on the day of delivery, otherwise the bread will spoil quickly in the heat and the shelf life will be shorter depending on the time the product has been without a refrigerator. We do not guarantee its storage period in case of violation of the temperature regime.

Bread with hemp seeds conquers the hearts of everyone who has tasted it at least once.

It is soft and has a refined, delicate taste of hemp seeds.

Gluten Free Protein Bread Hemp Seeds contains a large amount of vegetable protein, which gives a feeling of lightness and satiety at the same time.

Hemp bread has the correct ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 - 1:4. This proportion is considered the most suitable for improving cholesterol metabolism and improving the body as a whole. This bread has a high content of Vitamin E, which is a strong natural antioxidant. In addition, vitamin E stimulates protein synthesis, contributing to the formation of new cells. That is why it is often called the vitamin of youth and beauty.

Ingredients: applesauce, hemp seeds, organic sunflower seeds*, organic green buckwheat*, unrefined mustard oil, organic chia seeds*, vinegar, psyllium, Himalayan salt, cumin, soda.

*Certified organic ingredient.

Nutritional value per 100 g: fats - 19.72 g, proteins - 12.66 g, carbohydrates - 28.19 g. Dietary fiber - 7.14 g. Calorie content - 323.32

Nutritional value per recommended portion of 50g:

fats - 10 g (of which 7.51 g), proteins - 6 g, carbohydrates - 14 g (of which dietary fibers - 4 g). Calorie content - 160 kcal.

🚫The product does not contain: gluten, sugar, sweeteners, GMOs, lactose, eggs, yeast, dyes, raising agents, refined products and preservatives.

Recommendations for use:

The recommended portion is 50g. The bread is dense and satiating well with a small amount.

Diets: suitable for a keto diet - the basis of honeycomb bread is seeds, there are no starches and added simple carbohydrates.

📦Storage period: store in the refrigerator for 14 days (at a temperature of + 2+6 C degrees)

IMPORTANTLY! Bread must be stored in the refrigerator!

Product weight: 250g

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