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Organic dried mango

Organic dried mango

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There's not much mango, is there? 平平平

Especially if it is dried mango, without preservatives, syrups, sugar, dyes, citric acid, starch and flavor enhancers. Yes, unfortunately, this is exactly the list of additives that most mangoes on the market have.

We are for more clean products in Ukraine, and for our customers to enjoy them more!


When you buy 3 packs of mangoes of 100 g each, you get the 4th pack as a gift from us! (the discount is calculated automatically when ordering 3 packs)潘

Did you know?

That our organic mangoes were ripened on trees in Mexico, dried at a low temperature, immediately after harvesting the ripe fruit, next to the field. Sugar syrup and citric acid were not added , as in most cases, so our mangoes retained a maximum of nutrients and are useful for the body.

-> Such mangoes are rich in beta-carotene, which is necessary for good eyesight, especially now that we live in smartphones.
-> It has a lot of dietary fiber, so it helps maintain a healthy intestinal microflora.
-> Mangoes are dried at a low temperature and are rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals. This mango increases the body's natural defenses, especially in the cold season.
-> This mango is toxin-free and can be eaten even by small children
-> Mangoes are known to help maintain insulin levels, so they can be a healthy snack for people with diabetes.

Our mangoes are unique in taste and composition, you can appreciate this only after trying and comparing with others. The variety and approach to picking and drying our organic mangoes is very different from others. This variety of mango grew in Mexico, it is the largest in the world of those that can be dried. It has the most pectin (soft fiber) in the composition and less hard fibers (hard, indigestible fiber) than in other varieties. In our case, only ripe undamaged mangoes are selected, cut into slices and dried by the farmer at home. Our mangoes are very dry. Because of this, ours has such a sweet taste and can do without preservatives.

Note: 98% of other producers pick unripe mangoes, which are better suited to automatic cutting and transportation to the drying place. Because of this, dried mangoes are tasteless and are dipped in sugar syrup, which also serves as a preservative along with citric acid. In order for it to have a better bite, it is not dried, and a more moist product requires the addition of even more sugar and other preservatives.

We recommend storing mangoes in a cool place in a tightly closed container.

Ingredients: 100% organic dried mango 平 and that's it.

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