Corporate orders

Dear our clients-entrepreneurs, we are glad that we can be useful to you in the organization

1. Drinks and supplies of useful food for your companies

2. Gifts to your partners, colleagues and clients.

We work with different quantities and budgets for 1 gift. It is important for you in this case that:

1) you have been spared the trouble

2) completed on time

3) the gift brought joy and pleasure to the recipient

We can do that :) and we love creativity, and we have taste, and experience, and understanding that people love. We can make an individual solution for you. Think for you or together with you. We will be glad to be your partner.

We worked with legal companies, airlines, business clubs, fulfilled orders for several thousand pieces. Everyone was satisfied with the result of cooperation and happy.

In the request, send the quantity, terms, budget for 1 piece, the reason for the gift and a description of the recipient. The rest is up to us.

If you have any questions, ideas and proposals for cooperation, call 095 918 86 26 or write in messengers and Instagram :)