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Organic psyllium 100g

Organic psyllium 100g

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Psyllium or plantain seed husk is an incredibly useful and nutritious product that is widely used around the world. The product has almost no taste and 80% consists of dietary fibers - fiber. It has a huge number of useful properties that improve the general condition of the body.

Thanks to its high fiber content, psyllium helps digestion, removes waste products and improves the condition and microflora of the intestines, thereby providing energy and a pleasant feeling of lightness. According to recent studies, plantain seed husks increase satiety, reduce hunger, and help curb cravings for fatty foods, all of which are beneficial for weight loss. The large content of fiber in psyllium helps to reduce insulin and blood sugar levels, improve cholesterol levels, and also slow down the process of breaking down and absorbing glucose in the body, which is very useful for diabetics and people who are pre-diabetic.

Thanks to its moisture-absorbing properties, psyllium can be used as a natural stabilizer or thickener in cooking (in soups, salad dressings, etc.) and even in cosmetics (for the production of lotions and creams). Plantain seed husk is actively used in confectionery as a substitute for gluten to give flour products splendor. We recommend adding psyllium to the dough to improve its structure and increase the fiber level.

🍪 Composition: organic plantain seed husk*.

*Organic certified documents.

Nutritional value per 100 g: fats - g, proteins - g, carbohydrates - g, fiber - r.

Calorie content: 100 g of product: kcal.

🚫The product does not contain: gluten, added sugar, sweeteners, GMOs, lactose, dyes, leavening agents, refined products and preservatives.

📦Storage conditions:

Weight: 100 g.

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